Monday, October 6, 2014


Ok let’s say you have a hairless cat whose tail has occasionally been described as “rat-like.”

And let’s say this alleged cat takes an Olympic-gymnast style leap from his window seat to the floor—only to get the aforementioned tail caught in the cords of the blinds.

And let’s say that he is then suspended from the blinds like some yowling, angry, hairless marionette.

And let’s say that you immediately rescue the cat from his predicament (which he is pretty sure is all YOUR fault) but the second he is free, he runs all over the house in an attempt to hide from you and your tail-damaging shenanigans.

And let’s say that you finally corner him on the DVR:

and realize that his tail is bruised and a little bit swollen.

Do you take this cat to the vet? Can the vet do anything about a bruised tail?

Or do you spend the rest of your morning trying to figure out why these things only happen when your husband is at work and wondering if 11:00 am is too early for vodka?

Asking for a friend…


  1. Nope, I would not take said cat to vet. I would clean wound to prevent infection. But based on previous vet experiences with said cat, leave well enough alone. However, I do recommend the vodka.

  2. Patti's suggestion sounds just like what I think you should do. The problem is how do you keep your cat from getting snarled up in the blinds again?b

  3. All is well, tail is clean, vodka has been consumed and Opie tied the cords up so ridiculous cat can't reach them any more!