Friday, October 17, 2014

Belle's Bakery & Deli

After 8 long weeks, Princess Snowflake Sassypants is FINALLY out of puppy prison. I don’t mind saying it has been 8 weeks of hell. I tried explaining to her that being confined was for her own good, that we had spent a lot of money on her ridiculous little knee and that we really didn’t want to rush back to the surgical specialist for another 

Unfortunately, she was completely unreasonable about the entire situation and lodged daily verbal protests. Loud, unrelenting daily verbal protests, insisting that she could heal just as easily sitting on my lap or being carried around in my arms.

As I have always been one to rule my pets with an iron fist, I stood up to her tantrums for almost ten whole minutes before I caved and just started schlepping her around like some ancient litter-bearer.

Doesn't look like a spoiled rotten princess, does she?

Suffice it to say there was more than one day that Opie got home from work only to find me waiting at the top of the steps. “I need to be where she is NOT.” I would tell him, shoving a small yappy dog into his arms.

But those days are over! We are free! (Cue the George Michael lyrics Freedom! You gotta give for what you take! Freedom!)

And what better way to celebrate my new found freedom than with a cupcake? Especially since a brand new bakey and deli just opened up within a block or two of my house.

I had high hopes for Belle’s Bakery and Deli since I had already sampled one of their frozen chocolate-peanut butter chunks of deliciousness. I went in expecting the cupcakes to be equally amazing.

They were terrible.

Not quite as bad as the black anise cupcakes of death that started this whole search but close.

Dry, crumbly, with frosting that was just weird.

Doesn't look terrible, does it? 

And if you think this is an exaggeration or my typical overdramatization of things, let me just throw this out there:

I had both a chocolate and a vanilla and I didn’t finish either of them.

This is an event almost completely unprecedented in my cupcake history.


So, final verdict

Price: $1.50 – Great if they were halfway decent, about $1.49 more than they were worth.
Size: Average
Cake: Yuck
Icing: Double Yuck.

All in all, the kind of cupcake you eat when you’re confined to puppy prison but no where near good enough to celebrate freedom!

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  1. Oh man. An icky cupcake is THE worst! It's too small to withstand any ickiness about it.