Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bad Decisions and Big Hair

It's Finish The Sentence Friday again everyone, the brain child of Janine Huldie,   Another Bottle of Whine, Dawn's Disaster, Mommy For Real  This week's sentence is "I thought I was so cool when I..."
So, here goes...I thought I was so cool when I decided to get a perm and really go after that "big hair" look.
And if you have never seen my hair, you are probably thinking that this is no big deal, because back in the 80’s and early 90’s everyone permed their hair.

But let me give you a visual , to give you a little perspective.  This is my hair now, without a perm, without trying to make it big, with just the curls that God gave me:
And to really drive it home, take a look at me back then, BEFORE THE PERM, after blowing my hair dry upside down, teasing it, spraying it etc.
The last thing I needed in that mop top was MORE body. 
It is interesting to note that I couldn't find any post-perm pictures...probably because my post-perm hair was too big to fit into a fact, my post perm hair was too big to fit into most doors.
Believe it or not, it got worse.
Because in addition to deciding that my hair wasn't curly enough, I also decided that it wasn't dark enough.  Take another look at that picture.  That's my hair pre-color--the shade I thought WASN'T DARK ENOUGH.
So I went to the salon, got a perm and then a few days later went backand had it dyed it a shade that was supposed to be "chocolate" but is best described as "midnight-in-the-middle-of-a-black-hole."
It was NOT attractive. 

And even though I was super cool, and all "I know I look good" I still could hear a tiny little voice in my head suggesting that perhaps it was a touch, shall we say, dramatic against my fair Irish skin.  A voice that got louder when I saw the horrified look on my mom's face.
"I think it's a little dark," I said.  "The beautician told me not to wash it for a couple of days, so the color will set.  I think I'll go ahead and wash it tomorrow."
"Honey," my mom said gently, "wash it NOW."
Pretty sure I thought I was cool...but my mom was actually the cool one.
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  1. Yet again moms always know best. And by the way, I too had the big 80s perm and if you saw how much hair I have to begin with (long, thick and very course), you would say why to this one, too!! But seriously, thanks for linking up with us again!! :)

    1. It's shocking now how many things I can look back on and say "Yep, Mom was right!"

  2. I actually think you fit right in with everyone else and their big hair. You look just like they did in the movies :)

  3. I've had a lifelong struggle with my hair. It's naturally curly too, so I hear you! I actually like both photos and admire you for embracing the curl! :-)

  4. Oh this is such a fun post. Maybe we all had the really bad 80's perm. More body, please! Haha.
    Also, although I wouldn't recommend it now, I think you look really cute in the second pic too. Guess that's the 80's gal who is apparently still inside.

  5. I want MORE pictures! I had a horrible 80s perm. Shudder. Perms should be illegal.

  6. I love your hair, both ways! It was totally the rage when you got the perm. I tried, but it didn't work well with my Asian hair!!

  7. I would pay to see a photo of you *after* the perm! I had perms from 8th grade to 11th grade, and then my hair stayed curly.Go figure!

  8. Oh those 1980 perms were hilarious! I got one too even though I had tons of waves already. We all thought we were so cool with our big hair...great story!

  9. Fortunately I missed the perm generation. I was slap in the middle of the shell-suit set instead. I'm not sure that's better.

  10. As a naturally curly, former girl who would blow dry her hair upside down and spray it with Aquanet I feel for you. Thankfully I couldn't afford the perm! The only saving grace of the 80's....

  11. LOL!! I ran away from home when I was 15 (whole 'nother blog post -read: series! needed for that) and didn't want to be found. I had VERY long brown hair... I cut it ALL off and permed it... BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!

    thanks for your FTSF post!
    Marianne @ Sandling All Day

  12. Breakfast Club!! Weird Science!... (trying to come up with the names of the actresses, either Ally Sheedy or Kelly LeBrock come, on... let a little more time pass, silliness fades and the 'hey that wasn't that bad' grows.* Great FTSF

    *I am qualified to make the statement having grown up in the era of bell bottom pants and fringe vests... I know a thing or two about chrono-silliness