Places I've Been Published

The following are samples of some of my published work.  To see a complete list of my publications, please click here.

 Non Fiction

My latest success:
One of my blog entries is in this book:
This was the tue story of my first Mazda Miata and my first stab at nonfiction. It appeared in Missionary Oblates.
This is just one of the many things I wrote when I found out I had skin cancer.  It's a reflection on a miracle in my own life.


This was the very first story I ever had published. I still remember calling my mom and jumping up and down with excitement when I got the acceptance letter. It appeared in Pockets Magazine for Children


This was the first "grown up" story I had published and was probably easier to write than anything else I've ever done--probably because it was based on a nightmare I had. Hoenstly, it still creeps me out a little. It appeared in The Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

I thought this story was a little contrived but I loved it because I had the ending twist in my head for months before I figured out a story to go with it. It appeared in Short Stuff For Grown Ups.

This is my one and only success with romance...I like to read it but I'm not that great at writing it. This appeared in Woman's World.


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