Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Great Cupcake Search – Merritt’s Bakery -- The Chocolate Sprinkle

When you’re on The Great Cupcake Search in Tulsa, everyone tells you that Merritt’s Bakery is the first place to go.

Actually, that’s not completely true. A lot of people also suggested a place called Ann’s Bakery. Unfortunately to get to Ann's from my house, you have to drive through a little part of town that I like to call Murderville.

And I want to find a good cupcake but not enough to die for it.

Merritt’s it was!

“Now, I just have to find this Merritt's place.” I told Opie.

“They have a couple locations,” he said. “I think there’s one a little southwest of the mall. And another one a little east of our old church.”

Which was NOT helpful at all…I mean, I don’t even know what most of those words mean.  Southwest? East? It was like he didn’t know me at all.

“It's right next to that place where get your hair done,” Opie said exasperated. “Right next door.”

Which probably makes me sound a little bit like a moron but the thing is finding a hairdresser in Tulsa has been a challenge of epic proportions.

Again, that's not completely true.  Finding a hairdresser has been easy. It’s finding a good one that’s been a nightmare—I’ve gone through 5 different hairdressers in the 2 and a half years I’ve been here.

And they all start out normal. I go in, explain what I want, and the first visit goes great. Then, when I’m lulled into a sense of false hair security, on the second or third visit, the hairdressers all remember that they’re actually completely insane and wham! Bride of Frankenstein.

Like the second-to-last woman. First haircut and dye, perfect. The second time I went, I said “I want to dye my hair a reddish bronze as a surprise for my husband.”

At least that’s what I thought I said. 

What she clearly heard was “My husband has a bizarre obsession with the Muppets and I was hoping you could give me something in a purple a la Abby Cadabbby.

Seriously, I felt like an Easter egg.

I only found my latest guy when I was desperately looking for someone to fix that disaster. Thus, I hardly think I can be blamed for not noticing one little bakery in a line of businesses.

But I digress…

I’m reviewing cupcakes here!

Since I know where my hairdresser's is (at least for now), I scooted over to Merritt’s and decided to start with something easy : Chocolate Sprinkle.

I have to be honest, they were a little smaller than I had expected—the same size, if not a touch smaller—than a cupcake I’d make at home. But reasonably priced, just $1.30 each.

"What do we think?" I asked Opie as we dug in

"Good," he said.

"We're writing a review," I reminded him. "I think we should be a little more specific than 'good.' Are they light and fluffy? Was there a taste explosion in your mouth? Do you feel like you've bitten off a little slice of heaven or has the cake left you wanting more? Can you describe your culinary feelings for me?" 

I'm not going to lie, he stared at me like I had lost my was a little like the expression he makes when I tell him all the things that the dogs have been talking about while he's at work.

"Good," he said again. "Not great but good."

And I have to agree, they were good but not great.  The cake was light and moist and had a deep chocolate flavor. The buttercream frosting was creamy but not quite sweet enough for my taste.

Definitely not a taste explosion in my mouth.

Final Verdict:

Size: A little small
Price: Reasonable ($1.30)
Taste: Good, not great...
The kind of cupcake that can calm your nerves when 
you're on your way to a new hair salon for that 
oh-so crucial third visit but not enough to ease 
the pain of Muppet hair.

Stay tuned for future installments or let me know if there's a cupcakery you recommend by clicking here. Or read the post that started it all: The Great Cupcake Search.

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