Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My WTF Moment of the Day

Quick post but I couldn't resist!

Opie and I went to the home improvement store to get a new trimmer/edger. As we were checking out, the salesclerk handed us the receipt and thanked us for shopping at the store.

This, obviously, was not the WTF part.

That came a second later when she smiled, handed us the trimmer and said "Try not to hit a bunny!"

Pretty sure I made this type of face:

Ok, should mention once again
that this isn't me--but my
friend Martha makes the best shocked faces!
Anyway, the woman wasn't done! Still smiling, she followed up her "don't hit a bunny" warning with "I did that once--it was gross!"
Seriously, nothing like a horrifying image of brutal bunny death to get my day off to a disturbing start.

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