Friday, October 11, 2013

Public Picking

It’s my first Finish The Sentence Friday in a really long time so please excuse the brevity—I’m just really excited to be back and participating again!

In any case, today’s sentence is Once, in public I saw…

I almost talked about the crazy woman I saw in WalMart yesterday who basically assaulted me with hysterectomy details and threats.  But then today happened…

Once, in public I saw a grown man picking his nose.

And by “once” I mean “this morning.”

And by “public” I mean “in my class this morning.”

This morning in class, a grown man sat in the middle of the room with his finger so far up his nose I wondered if he was actually going to touch his brain. And I honestly had to look away before I threw up…but not before I said “John! We have Kleenex in here.”

He looked a little embarrassed and that should probably make me feel bad but COME ON! We’re not talking about a toddler here, we’re talking about a grown man in a college class.


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  1. Lovely! Well, if he was going to risk touching his brain, it doesn't sound as though it would have been his nose he would have had his finger stuck up. That's worse than people driving around in cars doing that thinking they're magically invisible. Sigh ...

  2. Oh man, I have so seen that myself in the past and I think people just think we don't see them or something. Totally loved the way you handled it and thank you for joining us this week. Missed you and so happy to see you back here!! :)

  3. Yuck. I get it. Sometimes you have to pick your nose. But go into the restroom, man, and do it in private.

  4. Ew gross to the booger! I once saw a grown man eating one! And welcome back! So happy :)

  5. Awesome!!! My boss was in a web meeting once where one of the participants accidentially had his webcam on and was picking his nose all through the meeting. Darn, we laughed about this one for a week!!