Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hypothetical Question

Let's imagine for a minute a completely fictitious woman who has an equally fictitious dog.  And let's say that this imaginary dog looks a little something like this:

And, just for fun, let's say that this woman and her dog not only live adjacent to a Bull Mastiff but also to a Doberman Pinscher.

And let's say the tiny dog above has no idea how small she is and continually tries to dig under the woman's brand new fence in order to show the Doberman that she's not going to put up with sass and back-barking and other doggy shenanigans. Which, in our completely hypothetical scenario, might make the Doberman look a little something like this:

And let's say that one day the woman, ever the responsible dog owner, went outside, shovel in hand, in order to fill in the gaps along her fence line, thus protecting hearth, home, and hound from the dastardly Doberman.

And, because she was so intent on her life-saving mission, let's say that she may or may not have dug right through an AT&T cable that was buried remarkably close to a little orange flag the woman hadn't noticed but upon closer inspection said "Caution buried cable."

Would this woman be financially liable for any alleged damage to this cable? Would it be wise for her to remain hidden in the house all day and  pray for rain to eradicate any signs of digging? Should the woman spend the intervening hours training her larger dog to attack anyone in a cable company uniform? Is it wrong that after checking her own internet and cable, the woman decided to pretend that nothing was amiss?

Asking for a friend....


  1. There you go again!! He he he!

  2. I would tell that person to load up said tiny dog and go visit friends in another state for a few days.