Friday, March 14, 2014

My Favorite Decade

It's Finish The Sentence Friday and today's sentence was "My favorite decade was..."

Easiest blog post easy that I'm not even going to finish the sentence with words.  One guess what my favorite decade was:

 This was one of my favorite shirts, I wore it all the time.

This was deep in my "visible undergarments phase."

No, I'm not getting married in this one--it was when I was presented
as a candidate for the Arts Society Ball. 
Which sounds slightly more pretentious than it actually was.

I should probably say something like "This is my favorite decade because I have finally married my darling Opie and we are blissfully happy." But we are still early into this decade--I'll say that in 2020.  Besides, this was when I actually met my Opie.

This is Opie circa 1989-what a blondie bear he was!

Besides, what's not to love: Big hair (you should hear about the time I got a perm), I was soooooo skinny (though I thought I was fat, go figure), I had no responsibilities, dance music was fun and not so aggressive (Mike Birbiglia has a hilarious bit about this!), and clothes of questionable taste (wasn't a teacher then so didn't care about inappropriate attire!)

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  1. Love you too picked the 80s and seems like we all had a great time during that decade and truly loved the flashback photos here of you today. Thank you so much for sharing and for also linking up with us today, too!! :)

  2. Hahaha, big hair and tight rolled jeans, 80's style! Funny how self conscious we are as youngsters about how we look. I was always jealous of dudes with blonde hair for some reason. Girls liked blonde haired brown eyed guys in junior high for some reason. When I look back at pictures of myself, only now do I appreciate what a dashing fellow a brown haired, blue eyed boy could be. Lol.

  3. I love that you chose the 80's too! Love love. And ugh that we thought we were fat back then. I'd like to smack 80's me for even using the words in my head!