Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weirdness Magnets and Wrong Numbers

My friend, Kathy told me the other day that I must have a weirdness magnet hidden somewhere on my person.  And today I learned that this magnet is so strong, it pulls in weirdoes from 2 states away!
Here’s how my morning started:

My phone rang and the caller id indicated the caller was in Elgin, IL –which, by the way, is about 11 hours away from where I live—but I’ve had several calls from that number in the past week  and I decided to go ahead and answer this one.

“May I please speak to Elizabeth So and So,” the woman said.
“I’m sorry, “ I said politely.  “But you must have the wrong number.”

“Hmmm,” she said.  “I have this number down.”  And repeated my number back to me.
“That’s this number,” I agreed.  “But there’s no one here named Elizabeth.”

“Well, I’m calling from the Dominican Art Gallery and we want to feature some of her work.” The woman said angrily.
“That sounds like a great opportunity for her,” I agreed.  “But I’m still not her.  I’ve never even heard of her. And, in fact, I’m no where near Elgin, Illinois.  I’m in Oklahoma.”

Which was, apparently, just about the most insulting thing anyone had ever said to her.
“Here at the Dominican Art Gallery we feature artists from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!” She snapped. “And I was given this number as a contact number for Elizabeth So and So!”
I managed NOT to say that I was beginning to suspect why Elizabeth had fake numbered her…but I did say “Ma’am, I’ve had this same number for over 10 years  and I know who I am. I’m not Elizabeth anybody.”

“But this was the number—“ she started again.
“Yah, I’m hanging up now.”  I said.  And did.

Now I’m well aware that part of this probably occurs because I engage the weirdoes and don’t just hang up but come on!  Who argues with someone when they tell you that you have a wrong number?  And who knew that my weird magnet could reach so far??!!

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