Friday, February 1, 2019

The Dogs Are Gone

Well, the positive thinking completely worked. I spoke to the neighbors today and it's official: the dogs are gone! I don't want to say this is the happiest I've ever been but I will say some of us have been skipping around the backyard, singing for joy. And by "some of us" I mean me, Sassy and Bubba. Not that Opie's not also happy but he keeps saying things like "I hope the neighbors CAN'T HEAR YOU" which is somewhat less celebratory.

Still, since the neighbors don't (as far as I know) read this blog, I thought I'd share our favorite little ditty, sung to the tune of The Wicked Witch is Dead 
(We're all about the parodies here at The Yates Esates!)

The Dogs Are Gone

Ding dong the dogs are gone! 
Not our dogs, 
The neighbors dogs! 
Ding dong the neighbors dogs are gone!

A nicer house,
A bigger yard
Good for all
Oh, thank you Lord! 
Ding dong the neighbors dogs are gone!

Wag your tails
Raise your paws
Catch a treat
In open jaws
Ding dong the neighbors dogs are gone!

1 comment:

  1. So glad for you! I know the fence moving with the huge dogs bouncing into it from the other side was very upsetting to both you and Jim.

    Man what has gotten in to you with the recent posts, more this year already than all of last year! Way to go Kimberly from one of your constant followers, always love reading your posts, it is always an adventure! Kathy