Monday, June 15, 2015

Oversharing Update

Because I am, apparently, the type of person who enjoys sharing my personal health issues online, I'd like to report that the rash has spread. It is now not only on my face, neck, chest, stomach and back but it is also on my cat.

And no that's not some gentle euphemism for female genitalia, I literally mean MY CAT, the infamous Princeton P. Kitty.

Some of you might be saying to yourselves that I am a lunatic, that cats can't get poison ivy. And in most cases you would be right.  Because most cats have fur. Sphynx cats--in spite of their many charms--don't have fur. They can, and clearly, DO get poison ivy (although they are somewhat reluctant to have their rash photographed, no matter how many times you explain this is for your blog):

However, it is interesting to note that not everyone is thrilled to be bombarded with pictures of ivy-afflicted cats.  Not because they don't love and care about cats but because the pictures, when viewed in miniature in an iPhone text message preview, look a little is evidenced by the response I received from my friend Kelly:

"Here's another fun fact. Pictures of a Sphynx cat's leg, that pop up on an iPhone as a tiny flesh colored picture, at first glance look just like a human penis."

I laughed so hard that I almost forgot how bad my back was itching.

In any case, I still feel like a leper but am heading to the doctor soon...I wonder how she'd feel if I brought the Prince along?

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